The Wedding of Cait and Joe: A Classy Winter Wedding

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You know that amazing feeling you get when something that has been a long time coming finally happens? Well, that’s how I imagine the friends and family felt at Cait and Joe’s wedding. They had been dating for the better part of a decade when they finally tied the knot in a gorgeous winter wedding at The Red Clay Room in Kennett Square, PA.

Now these two are fellow dog lovers, so of course Joe’s outfit wouldn’t be complete without some custom socks with their pup’s face on them. Ladies, take some notes, this might be one of the best gifts to get your boyfriend or fiance if he has an obsession with his pet.

There was no way that this wedding was going on without the inclusion of a long-standing tradition where Cait graces the dance floor with The Worm. They went bigger and better than they ever have before and it really paid off, the entire room was in hysterics watching Joe dance in a dress and Cait in a suit. The party kept going down the street for some axe throwing, in their wedding attire of course.

Cait + Joe Wedding

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