I was approached by a caring woman who wanted a pet session for her sister. Her rescue dog, Charlie, was diagnosed with cancer about a year after they adopted him. This young pup lived the good life with his mom and dad, going through the drive throughs at Starbucks for his puppuccino, taking long walks at the nearby park and of course helping his mom on days she had to work from home. Sometimes there is nothing you can do to take someone’s pain away, but you can give the gift of memories, memories that you can frame and revisit often. Sweet Charlie passed away a short time after this session, and his parents were grateful that we took these photos when he was feeling well and was happy. Charlie was a gentle soul, who was clearly loved by anyone he met. Thank you for spending some of your time with me Charlie.

I am a huge supporter of the adopt, don’t shop movement. There are millions of animals that are euthanized each year because they do not have a home. These are animals like Charlie here, that bring joy and happiness into the lives of their families. Please do not purchase a pet from a breeder or puppy mill, they are exacerbating this issue and often dump or kill their puppies if they are not adopted.

There are many ways to help
if you can’t adopt,
if you can’t foster,
if you can’t sponsor,
if you can’t volunteer,
if you can’t donate,

If anyone wants help or motivation finding a way to help this issue, please feel free to reach out!

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