Mary and Adam were one of the many couples who had COVID change their wedding plans. But they didn’t want to wait to get married, so they opted to have a micro wedding instead. The two got ready at their own home, walked to their church, The National Shrine of St. Rita Cascia, and had a Mr. Softee ice cream truck waiting for their guests after a socially distanced and mask-wearing ceremony.

We of course had to go grab some portraits with their dog and it just so happens we could see the National Shrine from a street right next to their house! Next we made our way to City Hall for that classic City Hall shot and lastly to Cherry Street Pier where the couple was given a round of beers compliments of the beer garden.

They then drove right to the beach, where they had rented out a house and celebrated an informal reception with their close family members. Although their original plans changed, it seemed like they ended up with a pretty incredible celebration of their marriage and any event with ice cream sounds like a win in my books.


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