Your KMP wedding photography process at a glance

Well first off, welcome to the exhausting yet fun world of wedding planning! Photography is a subjective field so things like editing, style, deliverables and processes may vary between photographers, so I thought I would make it easy for you by outlining how I do things. I’ve been to a few (hundred) weddings and it has developed into this fine-tuned structure you see below.

Step 1:
Let's Connect

We need to make sure we’re a good match! You will spend a lot of time with your photographer on your wedding day, so it’s fairly important that they are at the very least decent to be around. I also want to make sure our visions align so that we set both of us up for success.

Step 2:
Save Your Date!

When you are ready to turn this acquaintanceship into a friendship all you need to do is sign your custom online proposal and pay the deposit. Once those tasks are done, the date is officially reserved and we can start planning out your engagement session customized to your personality.

Step 3:
Complimentary Engagement Session

Your engagement session is complimentary with any wedding package, and here is why:

I believe in efficiency so I truly think this is the best way to prepare for your wedding so you don’t spend a single second feeling awkward and not knowing what to do in front of the camera. Yes, it is great to have photos and YES, please make something cool with them, but for your photographer an engagement session is a practice round. No two couples are the same and this is your photographer’s opportunity to learn more about your relationship and how to get those personalities out and showcased in front of the camera.

This is also your chance to learn what poses you like and maybe like a little less. It’s better to feel the in-front-of-camera jitters on a day that is not your wedding day so you have more time to celebrate with your friends and family.

Step 4:
Let's Plan!

A few months before the big day, I will work with you to create an itinerary and portrait list so that we have all the details on where to be and what to expect so we don’t miss a moment! I can even help you figure out logistics and planning if you feel you want some more guidance. After hundreds of weddings, it’s safe to say I know how long to expect things will take and I tend to know how to keep you on track too.

Step 5:
Celebrate The Good Times!

Your wedding day is here and it might go faster than you thought it would, especially after months if not over a year of planning. That’s where I come in! I’m there to document moments big and small along with those traditional moments so you have memories of your day to last a lifetime!

Step 6:Get Your Photos

You will receive a small sneak peek just a few days after your wedding and you will get hundreds, scratch that, over a thousand photos from your day in an online digital gallery that can be shared with friends and family alike.


You have all these awesome photos, now what? Well you should probably print your photos, and luckily, I can help you with that. I’ve spent an exhausting amount of time searching for and testing out the best print labs for albums, canvases and other prints so that you don’t have to go through that. Let’s create something together for your children and children’s children to look back on fondly for generations.

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