Kerry McIntyre Photography

Amanda and Arman’s engagement session was pure magic. These two were not afraid to be themselves and it’s safe to say they love each other very much (you’ll see). They both are pretty photogenic people, but I have to admit, they look even more incredible together. Not to mention, their style is, well, simply AMAZING. […]

Photographing proposals make me so giddy and nervous, I can only imagine how anxious the actual proposer feels. Although I tend to meet the proposer prior to the big day to strategize and of course make sure I know what they look like, I end up getting to the location an entire hour earlier than […]

This was a fun session for me because I finally got to meet the legendary Kyle, a friend of a friend who I had heard so much about. for years. And I got to meet him in Hawaii nonetheless! It just so happened that his fiance would be visiting his current residential city right when […]

KMP will be kicking off the 2020 wedding season with Meaghan and Jim at one of the incredible Cescaphe venues!

We had some fun photographing at Race Street Pier and surrounding areas in the early am. The Ben Franklin Bridge never really gets old and is one of the most iconic Philadelphia scenes. And for those wondering, yes you need a photo permit to photograph in this area, and yes we did get one!