Kerry McIntyre Photography

Well these two brought some energy to their engagement session! It may have helped that we stopped at Joe’s for cheesesteak and milkshake fuel. And if you’re asking, then yes, my heart can apparently be won over with a cookies ‘n’ creme milkshake on a hot summer’s day. Other than that, we managed to incorporate […]

Melissa and Michael make a pretty cute couple don’t they? It is often awkward being in front of the camera and showing off some pda, but these two couldn’t keep their hands off each other from the very beginning! Not only were they ready for this session, but they were willing to do whatever goofy thing I made them do, like skip or give piggy back rides. The entire session was full of laughter, from all three of us if I am being completely honest. I can’t wait to see these contagious smiles again at their upcoming wedding.